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About me

... I was undoubtedly impressed as it was the first time in which I was on a professional shoot. Needles to mention, it was the first time I had seen a digital cinema camera with Arri lenses. A Red Dragon that records over 6k in RAW! the dream of any amateur filmmaker.

Many huge lights, excellent decoration, and production assistants back and forth. I was delighted, happy, I felt like I belonged there.

The DOP came up to me and said, "Shall we put the 100mm macro? I said no, I didn't want to go over 50mm.

I wasn't dreaming, it was true, I was the director! It was the first time I went on a shoot and it was my own!

A creative member from a very large advertising agency saw my work on Vimeo and decided to call me. He contacted a production company and they prepared everything. They really wanted me to run the ad. That year I worked on two more for them.

Creating something out of nothing, shooting a movie that didn't exist, creating a concept and preparing a production is a never ending emotion. I think that's what makes all of us part of this world. The passion for creation, creativity, art, imagination ...


I work and collaborate as a director and DOP with producers of all sizes and shapes to shoot advertising around the world.

I'm a food and beverage specialist. Achieving beautiful and captivating images of food, bottles, drops or moving ingredients through photography. I often use robots and high-speed cameras to achieve amazing and impossible shots!

I often enjoy to edit and conduct the grading myself so I can control all the details of the final aesthetic.

The same goes for audio. I enjoy make my own sound designs and sometimes implement my own recordings of effects or music.

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